You Still Have To Fly The Plane!

You Still Have To Fly The Plane What? I thought that this blog was about homesteading? It is; you’ll see how that saying pertains. Two weeks ago we lived through that event which was officially classified as a tornado. We suffered much tree damage, which is good for the firewood gathering efforts, but not so […]

How To Deal With Tornadoes On The Homestead

Dealing With Tornadoes On The Homestead You’ve seen them on TV, or in our case on The Weather Channel dot com, since we don’t have a television. Kind of exciting, tornadoes are, from afar. That is, until you experience one first hand. Mostly in the mid-west, you’ll see video clips of these destructive twisters carrying […]

Mid-July Homestead Update

Mid-July Homestead Progress Update We’ve finally arrived at the mid-July point of the summer, which means that the garden is growing like crazy. But before I get to the vegetables, let’s talk about some of the other aspects of the homestead. The goats are doing terrifically. The two babies, which are not really babies anymore, […]

Milking The Family Goat

My Journey Learning To Milk Goats Four years ago when we first came to the homestead and began in earnest, after all the planning had been accomplished, after all the numbers had been run, and after all the garden maps had been drawn and put away, I never in my wildest dreams had thought I’d […]

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It! Yes, you can fix that house. Maybe not everything, but most repairs can be made yourself. If you are homesteading, you ought to be in a state of austerity, anyway, so you should be trying to save dollars wherever and whenever you can. You won’t necessarily be able to repair and […]