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After many years in retail sales, writing, and part-time editing for a small newspaper in New York, I began studying organic gardening and farming, and animal husbandry. I began to read a lot about homesteading, off-grid living, consumerism, materialism, economics, and economic history.

A Goat, A Bucket, And A Book

A Goat, A Bucket, And A Book Even before we had begun homesteading we were always fond of goat milk dairy products. So much so that whenever we’d purchased butter it was always of the goat milk variety. There was one brand of butter in particular that we’d purchase at the health food store in […]

You Still Have To Fly The Plane!

You Still Have To Fly The Plane What? I thought that this blog was about homesteading? It is; you’ll see how that saying pertains. Two weeks ago we lived through that event which was officially classified as a tornado. We suffered much tree damage, which is good for the firewood gathering efforts, but not so […]